Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eggs part 2: Finding them

Where we have found eggs:
My tennis shoe
In the laundry
In Katherine's pj top
In Kevin's coat pocket
Under the sofa
In the garbage
In the bathroom
Under wet wipes around the house

Where we have not found eggs:
The refrigerator

Monday, October 26, 2009

My son loves eggs. He doesn't love to eat them; he loves to carry them around. He doesn't carry one; he carries the whole carton. He carries it like one would carry a baby. Occasionally he opens up the carton and takes one out and walks around with it and then puts it back in. We often try to hard boil the eggs we give him, but I took him to the grocery store today and he has been carrying a carton of eggs since then. I'm not sure what this means. I don't remember covering this in any child development classes I took. I'm pretty sure I did not learn about this while learning about children acquiring language. So now I need to go back to the store and buy some more eggs because I don't think I will get these back. Right now they are all in baby wipes to keep them clean.
If anyone knows what egg obsession means, please let me know... (And for all of you Freudians out there, he is only 2 so don't even think it deals with sex.) (And I already know it is his parents' fault so you don't have to give me that reason either...)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I feel bad about my last post. I think it may have been whiney. I don't like to whine. I'm just really tired lately. I can sleep and sleep and sleep and it can get frustrating for a while but I am going to give myself kudos here... I still have the goal of getting up tomorrow and getting my kids to school and exercising and getting the laundry done.
I don't get much other housework done, but I figure this too will pass... and if it doesn't then I will deal with it. I'm just not sure how. How does one deal with life not turning out how you thought it would? I'm not talking about not being a millionaire novelist on the NY Times bestsellers while traveling the world to write my latest, but instead it is simply not having the energy to wake up in the morning and get things done. I never thought I would regret having children with energy. They just keep going and I can't. I thought I would be the woman who did everything with their kids and could homeschool and take them to the park every day and teach them to read and write and multiply... Ok. Perhaps my goals were a bit out of control. But I barely get them to school in the morning. I barely get them home. When they are home, I have to concentrate on what to cook. I do everything I can to shop with only seth so I don't have to fight anyone and then I take a nap with Seth and Katherine has to play alone. I never thought I would have exhaustion to the bone so that I take 10 vitamins a day, switched my deoderant, bought a water system to clean out the alkaline in me... I have gone to a chinese medicine guru... And I think I have to give up sugar. I crash when I come down. Will life be worth living? I don't understand why things like this happen to people. I have a friend who became chronically ill right after giving birth. She is not living the life she thought either.
What do you do when things didn't turn out the way you thought? When your body turns on you? How do you fight back? What do you do when you feel as though you are there for no one, not even yourself?
I just really wish House was a real person who I could go to and be saved. Lately I have been watching that show with envy. It simply isn't fair that House isn't a reality show. I would try hard to get on that one. Maybe even pretend my kid is in a balloon floating in the sky... Wait someone already did that.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cuz I'm a woman

Lately I have had a song in my head and it is making me angry. It is the song, "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, And make never forget you're a man, Cuz I'm a woman..." I think that is a load of crap.

I don't want to bring home bacon and fry it because I'm too busy. I'm busy making breakfast while making lunch while finding one shoe while packing a backpack. I'm trying to figure out what a two year old is saying over and over and then screaming. I'm trying to figure out when my husband comes home and says, "hey baby..." if what turns him on is the urine, feces or disinfectant smells I have accumulated during the day because it is not the orange lotion I put on this morning because citrus smells are supposed to help make you happy and light hearted. The scent left the minute I came out of the bathroom and found my children outside with three empty egg cartons, having taken 15 eggs and 6 hardboiled eggs, with some hair gel, and made soup in the plastic slide that is lying on the side. And then my two year old decides he wants eggs for dinner and starts screaming because he cannot understand that he has destroyed all of the eggs and I'm not cooking what he made in the slide. And I'm busy making dinner while emptying the dishwasher so I can refill it after dinner as I quiz my oldest on this week's spelling while having to go the bathroom the whole time. Cuz I'm a woman...
(And I choose to be a stay at home mom)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My husband

Many blogs tell about how much they love their family. So I thought I would write how much I love my husband. He is a great provider and he takes the kids when I need to crash. He bbq's and he cleans up after big parties. He is a wonderful man...

I continue to love him more and more each day. But I can't help to think I would love him more if he would certify in massage therapy. I can't help but wonder how much more amazing he would be if he took cooking lessons. I can't help to wonder how much more incredible it would be if he were handy.

Wait. I think I did this type of blog wrong.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK. So the best thing I did was tell everyone I have ever met that I am running a half marathon. It gets me to the gym when I would rather sleep. It gets me to the gym when I would rather eat. It gets me to the gym when I would rather read, watch television, or even, heaven help us all, cook. I really hate going to the gym and I really hate running. I now run 5 minutes, walk 2 and repeat 4 times. Next week I run 7 walk 2 and repeat 3 times. And then in 2 more weeks, I will be running 30 minutes at a time and then I work on distance. I am not often in pain, surprisingly. I have actually started this goal realistically and slowly instead of trying to run 30 minutes after sitting for 15 years.

But the thought that people will be asking me how I am doing has got me to do things I normally would not. So I have decided to tell all my goals so I could stay motivated. Here goes:
1. I have a goal to cook. (Not regularly exactly, more just in general) (perhaps this could just apply to my appearance instead of actual preparation of food.)
2. I have a goal to be more patient with my children. (I was sick last week at the same time my children were... so I think I will also count if I AM A patient with my children.)
3. I have a goal to shower every day. (If I go out in the rain or snow, it counts.)
4. I have a goal to bathe my children regularly. (See previous goal)
5. I have a goal to read the Ensign monthly. (Or to at least have it out of the plastic.)
6. I have a goal to make a vision board that my friend Kelly told me about. (I think I may actually do this one as stated...)
7. I have a goal to sleep at night. (without getting addicted to Tylenol PM which is often how I get to sleep right now. I have put a pen and paper next to my bed to write down thoughts... I have used sleep machines... I have gone to bed earlier... I have tried to read to sleep... I have tried to meditate to sleep... I have tried exercising before bed to sleep... shall I go on?)
8. I have a goal to make less lists in my blogging.
9. I have a goal to scrapbook my children's books before I die. (Can't really narrow the time down more than that.)
10. I have a goal to go to book group and knitting every wednesday. until I can't.

So there they are. My goals are out in the universe and I must be accountable for them. Unless I decided I have accomplished them and can now move on. Like organizing. We are going to do some remodeling and I will have to pack up my kitchen and living room so I see no reason to organize right now when in May I will be going through everything. I am really good at making goals and then making new goals that make previous goals a waste of time. If you need this ability, I am available at $35/hr. And I am available at all hours now because I can't sleep...