Friday, November 14, 2008

Grass is Greener Everywhere Else
Well, it is kind of fun to blog and not post it yet. It lets me think my thoughts without having to worry that someone won’t understand them. I guess all of that will change once I publish this online.

I have never felt like that much of an accomplisher. The grass has always felt greener to other people. I have an amazing friend who has created a website and company, an amazing friend who takes the most incredible pictures, an amazing friend who travels the world, an amazing friend who has sarcoidosis and writes about it. I have 65 pages of a book written; I am trying to scrapbook my brains out so that I can get rid of my scrapbooking stuff and then I am going digital. I am in 2 book groups but only read the books for one of them. I am a terrible home maker. I don’t think I have made a home. I have made more of a dwelling. Maybe a hostel. I would appreciate it if my children provided their own sheets. My son is going through a phase of crankiness and crudeness. I think moms use the term “going through a phase” to make annoying characteristics of their children will one day go away. I decided to make
christmas presents this year and so I now own a lot of cut up material. I feel as though I am a starter and not a finisher. I continually start projects hoping that this one will be the one that fulfills my life. I guess that is why I admire my friends so much. They seem to have figured out their space or what keeps them going and I haven’t.
I have a tumor that makes me tired and I keep waiting for the medication to make everything better and for me to no longer be tired. I kept telling myself that everything would be fine by January. January is now 6 weeks away and I’m starting to think it may be longer. I am very afraid that I will be tired for the rest of my life. Luckily I can blog lying down.


So there are some people who are mad at us, yet still want money from us. How does that work? How can you bad mouth someone and yet still think they will give you money? Just because we have a full time job and I’m going to be a famous author, it doesn’t mean we have money right now. We are dave ramseying it and trying to get out of debt. We have decided that we have racked up enough that it is time to pay it all off before we are all in soup lines.
At the same time, Kevin wants to have Senator Baucus over to our house to give him some money that a dental association want to give him. If he wants a bunch of dentists and a senator to come over, I need my house fully decorated. I don’t think that is too much to ask. I mean, instead of paying back student loans, shouldn’t we get new carpet? Where are our priorities?
I guess I should support Kevin because Baucus is a Democrat. Kevin has to hand a Democrat a check. I’m thinking of video taping it. It is a major occurrence in our family. We still don’t discuss politics, but this is a big step towards a middle ground. Let us have a moment of silence.