Thursday, September 24, 2009

So four years ago I taught a class at Carroll College. I made very little money after paying for the babysitter and I thought, what would I like to do with the extra money? So I hired a house cleaner. I only taught for one semester and yet, the housekeeper stayed. Odd.

I felt guilty and then I got a tumor and now I can get away with quite a lot without feeling guilty. Plus side to growths in the brain... I have tried many different companies and finally a friend recommended two women who we will call Cagney and Lacey. They are wonderful women who do a great job. But they are older women who are constantly going to the doctor to find out what ails them and today I noticed the handicapped sign in their car window. So they can't walk across a parking lot, but they can clean my house? I can't get a handicapped sign, but people who can are doing work for me? Should I feel bad about this? At least I'm helping the economy, right?

I do pick up 80% before they come so they only have to do the heavy scrubbing. I put the clean sheets out for them to make it easier to change the sheets. I bought a new vaccuum to make it glide easier. I bought some nice cleaner. I clean my house throughout the week so it isn't too disgusting... Although I have no recollection of sweeping the kitchen at all this week. That is just not good housekeeping. Which is why I need someone to come in and do it. Right?

Maybe to make me feel better, for Christmas I'll get them each walkers.


Burwell's Bits said...

Or, even better, you can get them a trip to AZ and they can come clean my house. I will need more help by then.

Kristen said...

When Charlotte was born that was my baby gift from my mother-in-law: a month of cleaning service, which I then dragged out to about 6 months. The best thing about having this next baby is that I'm bringing her back again! Can't wait.