Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New House

I am in love with a house. It is gorgeous. It is open and bright and the basement is bright and has a fridge and it is beautiful.


The basement and the kitchen have wine racks. What do I do with these?

It is in Montana City and that is 15 minutes away. I would be 20 minutes late to everything instead of 5. I couldn't dash home during dance, either. I would be staying.

Montana City is known for trees and views and it doesn't have much of either. I can see the intersection and the refinery among trees.

I am not sure I want to go to the Montana City LDS congregation. I get the feeling they take themselves more seriously than is prudent.

I would be changing counties and the post office is really far away... which isn't a big deal unless most of your shopping comes from the internet.

James would change schools and I would have to kiss up to a new administration.

We would live too far away for our kids to every walk to school. And I would have to petition to get them into a Helena high school instead of the Boulder scary high school.

There are even more problems.

So why am I seriously considering this?


Annie said...

i feel good about it, sounds like a dream come true.

Cory and Tia said...

But is the grass greener there? That's the real question.